Our Sustainability Journey

We publish news around each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We want to voice how people can be more sustainable, how you can make small changes to make a difference and update you on worldwide news through publishing The Eco News. Read our journey so far…

Who are we?

Our story begins with a girl who grew up in the countryside, exploring the planet with her tiny feet to now walking the world with confidence and creating ideas on how to save our beautiful planet. Kirsten Marshall, the author, creator and publisher of the newspaper has many years of history and research, talent behind a camera lenses, which she captures and provides learning about the nature of our planet…. This is a newspaper to help publish important news, promote lots of eco tips and provide a HUGE support to those small other businesses making a difference. 

Why we promote digital over printed. Is Printing Newspapers Bad?

Newspapers are the most Eco friendly printed form of marketing, the newspaper is thin and light, most newspaper print companies now use eco approved and certified papers only. BUT.. Did you know? One of the biggest paid-for print newspapers releases over just above 800,000 per year. This is a lot of paper usage, we do not want to add to the problem we already have. 

Comparing Digital to Printed

Digital media is cost-effective and immediate, which means instant news updates to you! The next reason we promote digital over printed copies is down to our carbon usage; the materials to print, pack and ship your newspaper is not good for our the environment (or our business!) even though we use a chosen company who source FSC papers and Eco Inks, its best to avoid the use of paper completely. Our carbon footprint is reduced by eliminating all these extra elements, publishing online with the easy click of a download button we have eliminated the deforestation of cutting down trees and funding to replacing them, also saving on the use of eco friendly inks and cut the amount of envelopes to pack and ship the newspapers.

Saving Water by printing NO paper.

Even though nowadays people realise that newspapers are not responsible for rainforest depletion, water is still used in the process. How much water is used to produce a piece of paper? Even the crispest piece of A4 pulp paper has swallowed up to 20 litres of water during its production process, even though printing newspaper uses a lot less water, water is still used in the process.

Energy Consumption

How do we save energy? If we was to post, print and pack newspapers we would use up a full chain of energy sources. By being a digital platform we reduce the energy use easily. For example, the use of printers, delivery vans and the excessive posting of parcels and letters.

The brand manufactures its products in the United Kingdom.

The brand exclusively offers 100% vegan products or experiences and does not use any ingredient or component derived from animals in any of its products, packaging and production processes.

The brand has an active female founder, co-founder or CEO.